Founded in 1980, we are a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting residential neighborhoods, preserving Westport's small-town New England character, ensuring smart growth, preventing overcommercialization, and preserving open space.

October 21, 2017

Re: Why You Need to Vote on Nov. 7

Vote on Nov. 7 ♥

This election matters!

Dear Fellow Westporter,

The fabric of the town we all love is on the verge of drastic change. Traffic and congestion have reached

new heights and will likely get much worse with the hundreds of new housing units being contemplated

across town, with as many as 200 being envisioned in Saugatuck alone, already the most congested part

of town. The developers and consultants may not consider the adverse impact these projects will have on

you, but we do.

Our very way of life is being threatened on numerous fronts, and we need a Planning and Zoning

Commission who will work harder and smarter to protect us.

Save Westport Now is a non-partisan party founded by residents who love Westport. For 37 years, we

have been working to protect and preserve what’s best and beautiful about our town, and we are

committed to ensuring that Westport enjoys a vibrant future.

This year we are running 3 candidates for P&Z—people we believe will make sensible decisions—

individuals who will respect the rights of developers, while honoring the wishes of the electorate and

working diligently to protect residential neighborhoods and preserve Westport’s small-town character.

You can trust our candidates—Michael Cammeyer, Danielle Dobin, and Greg Rutstein—to do the

right thing. They love our town as much as we do and understand the vital role that P&Z plays in

ensuring that our town thrives economically while continuing to be one of the most wonderful places in

the country to live, work, and play.

If you want a team who will make sensible planning decisions, then vote for our candidates on Nov. 7.

Many thanks,

Valerie Seiling Jacobs, Co-Chair

Ian Warburg, Co-Chair

Vote for All 3 on Line “D.”

 For more information, see  or check out our Facebook page !

 Paid for by Save Westport Now Committee, Peter Swann, Treasurer.