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Appearing in the Westport News

Date: March 10, 2014

At last night’s Planning & Zoning Commission hearing, Save Westport Now embellished its long-standing standing reputation in the community by showing flexibility and by suggesting modifications to proposed Amendment No. 672. The amendment, put forward by the P&Z Commission itself, is designed to help preserve Westport’s small-town character—a goal that SWN supports. But SWN also recognized that some of the proposed language needed to be refined in order to avoid some illogical and unfair results. By suggesting specific modifications that would allow for commercial development, while still protecting the scale and character of our Downtown, SWN once again demonstrated its integrity and commitment to doing what is best for Westport. SWN’s proposed refinements will enable the Commission to move forward with the amendment to the satisfaction of both the public’s interests and the needs of downtown owners and tenants. We should applaud SWN for its proactive role and input on this important issue.

Janet and Howard Rubel Westport Posted 03/10 at 11:52 PM

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