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Information Sources for Westport Planning & Zoning

To see upcoming important meetings; be advised, be informed.


Watch real-time or watch any meeting that happened within the past two weeks. (missed a meeting?? but still want to know what happened and "who said what"? Call the town clerk's office and order a DVD for $5.00 of the exact date and meeting you would like to view. Town Clerk # 203-341-1110)

So you know what is happening in your neighborhood and town.

So you can attend the meetings that you are interested in, make your voice heard and/or "submit a letter to the record".  You can submit a letter at the Planning and Zoning office BEFORE the meeting takes place and make it part of the official record on file. 

What are the rules that apply  ?? How are they being followed?

Or call #203-341-1030 and ask that a form be sent or e-mailed to your home.  Either you or your RTM member can file it with the P&Z office in person or by email.

How many variances does the town Zoning Board of Appeals issue?  How closely are they following the town regulations?

these are the P&Z guidelines for enforcement of their rules.

this is the historical list of all Westport's text amendments (what is a text amendment? click here for answer)

(a Connecticut State statute!!)  In other to request information from the Westport town attorney about things you think you want to know but which do not seem readily available.

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