Meet Our Candidates

Danielle Dobin

Danielle is a current Planning & Zoning Commissioner and chairs the P&Z’s Affordable Housing Subcommittee.  She volunteers her time because she believes the P&Z plays an outsized role in preserving Westport’s small town character, protecting against overdevelopment that will crowd our schools and roads and in creating innovative solutions to development and planning challenges.  Danielle believes it’s critical for P&Z Commissioners to listen with an open mind and to treat all residents and applicants with respect when they come in front of the P&Z...

Greg Rutstein

Greg Rutstein is currently senior counsel at Bridgewater Associates, which is based in Westport and is the largest hedge fund in the world.  His areas of focus are in client negotiation, fund formation and US and foreign regulatory schemes. Greg has had a successful career due to his ability to carefully think through complex legal issues and properly advise his business counterparts on the relevant cost/benefit analyses...

Micheal Cammeryer

Michael has been involved with the P&Z Commission since 2016.  As a current sitting Commissioner of the P&Z and a member of the affordable housing subcommittee, he listens and acts as an advocate for Westport’s residents.  He believes that while it is important to support growth in the community, it is also very important to preserve the reasons why one comes to live in Westport.  Living and working in Westport, allows Michael the opportunity to be fully immersed in every aspect of the town and continually cultivate relationships with residents and local business owners...

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